Ultimate Zapper

does not meet Dr.Clark's specifications

and is cheaply made.

There are a number of zappers out there and some are good, some are not.
This page is to expose the one that may be the greatest rip-off in zappers,
based on an exhorbitant price and a lot of hype for so little content.

Competitor's Ultimate Zapper

Ultimate zapper is not so ultimate and is cheaply made. Click for larger image.
Ultimate Zapper

One of our customers told us that they were unhappy with their Ultimate Zapper and that they thought that it was junk. We had them send it and this is what we received. This illustration of the $179.95 Ulitimate Zapper shows that it is one of the poorest quality zappers that I have ever seen and has a very high price. The maker uses the cheapest hobby level parts for his components and circuits, and even uses cheap lamp cords for his cables.

The claim "The photo of the inside of The Ultimate Zapper that he shows on his site looks like one of my 1996 prototypes".

Actually, the customer that sent it to us bought it from him in 2007, so he was still shipping these over 10 years after he claims that this one was made. Other customers have since made the same complaint. The manufacturer's response is to call names and accuse us of lying.

As for pricing, this zapper should not sell for more than $45 or $50 US. If it was made using the higher quality components and boards that we use, this zapper should sell for less than $80.00 with the AC adapter included. His zapper does include a AC wall adapter that does not meet the IEC 60601 specifications for contact with humans. This could possibly be lethal in some cases.

Also, this zapper does NOT meet Dr. Clark's specification for positive offset ( see the images below ). If you buy one from them, take it to an electronics shop and have them open it up for you. Have them check it under human load with an oscilloscope. It dips very negative. We will be happy to hear if he makes a significant improvement but a product with so few components should still sell well less than $45 or $50.

The maker of this unit claiming quality is like a shade tree mechanic claiming that his car is a Rolls Royce. I have seen some hand made units that I would consider to be good quality. This is not one.
Our ParaZapper™ Quality ParaZapper is obviously better quality and well made. Click for larger image. ParaZapper™

As you can see from this picture of our most affordable $64 model, ParaZapper provides far superior quality and technology. The claim that hand built is good quality can be easily refuted from the photo of the interior of their unit. It can be but it really depends on how it is hand built and the components that go into it. We use the highest quality green boards and higher quality components that meet ROHS requirements. This model has an almost zero failure rate, less than 1 failure in 5000 units sold. Our machining processes do not create excess heat or damage to the components.
Our ParaZapper™ reliability ParaZapper is obviously better quality and well made. Click for larger image. ParaZapper™

As you can see from this picture, ParaZapper is securely attached inside of the durable plastic case with 4 screws. The switches and connectors are also securely soldered to the circuit board. Sorry, but cheap switches, hand wiring that can easily break, hobby level resistors, and unmounted circuit boards do not represent quality in any context, especially when compared to our high quality boards and components.

The ParaZapper UZI has over 50 components on the circuit board, some of them costing almost as much as the entire set of parts that go into the so called ultimate zapper.
Their Ultimate Zapper Ultimate Zapper does not even have a label. Click for larger image. Ultimate Zapper

This Ultimate Zapper did not even have a label. According to the customer that traded it in to us, it was purchased in April of 2007. The claim "Machine made printed circuit boards are much cheaper to use but they produce an inferior end product." is not true as we use a lower soldering temperature. The very purpose of the printed circuit board is to improve quality and reliability. In reality, the cheap piece of generic board used in the model shown is much cheaper than our circuit boards cost and we have very few problems with component reliability.

The ultimate has only 9 hobby quality components on the circuit board and the volume cost for those parts is only about 95 cents, plus a switch costing a buck or so, a jack for a power connector ( also a buck or so in volume ), a battery strap costing about 50 cents, and a plastic case costing about $2.80. And you are paying how much for that custom build? Sorry, but we would consider it extremely dishonest to sell so little for so much.

When the unloaded signal from the Ultimate zapper is observed on the oscilloscope, it looks fairly decent. Unfortunaltely, this is not the signal that needs to be examined.

Ultimate Zapper
Ultimate Zapper does not produce 100 percent positive signal. Click for larger image.
When the loaded signal from the Ultimate zapper, using a human body as a load, is observed on the oscilloscope, the story is told. The waveform dips extremely negative completely violating Dr. Clark's statement "No even a single spike on negative side, because you sustain pathogen life". According to the image, the claim of 100 percent positive output is obviously completely false.

Ultimate Zapper
Ultimate Zapper produces a significant negative spike which Dr. Clark claims is unacceptable. Click for larger image.
The Ultimate Zapper's frequency is advertised as 2500 Hz but as you can see below, the output is not exact. Actually, due to the hobby level components used in making the Ultimate Zapper, the actual frequency could be +/- about 18 percent. This is one of the poorest quality zappers that I have seen. As a comparison, the ParaZapper™ PLUS-2 has a tolerance of only +/- 10 Hz in the 2500 Hz range, which is less than 1/2 percent error and the CC1 is even more accurate.

Ultimate Zapper is not very accurate in frequency. Click for larger image.

Based on this information, you can see that the Ultimate Zapper does not meet the manufacturer's claims. Seeing this, how could anyone trust his other claims such as Electroporation ( which is not possible at such low voltages according to most authorities ) and blood electrification which requires a much higher voltage according to its author, Bob Beck.

We have had several phone calls from former customers of the manufacturer who complain about their "poor customer service" and "arrogant attitude". The following site has even more recent complaints about problems with .
Report: Ken Presner Ultimate Zapper.
Some additional links
Additional information: complaint board. This complaint appears to have been removed

While the zapper does work to some extent and has a following, we do not feel that it matches up to the hype. We are only trying to show the inferior aspects of this zapper and the high price that is reaped through hype. The truth is that if that zapper was the best, we would be producing it and promoting it as would everyone else in the business. Also, note that there are a lot of other zappers out there and you do not see us posting web pages about them. Their claim that we supported their product was from before we found out what was inside of it. This is certainly not a product that we could endorse. There are even some competing zappers and manufacturers that we endorse when asked about them.
Impressive diagram? NO! The competitor is only showing the diagram of a single component (a 555 timer) that is used in almost every single cheap zapper ever made. Nothing special, it just looks impressive to the unknowing user. This is the same chip diagram used in almost every cheap zapper made.
If we were to post the diagram of the main chip that is used in our ParaZapper™CC1, and ParaZapper™UZI it would be well over 100 times more complex than this diagram.

If you would like a top quality zapper from a reliable company, see:

ParaZapper Customer comments

Even though we do not think much of the ultimate zapper, if you feel that you must have that function, we even provide a model that beats their Ultimate Zapper hands down!
See ParaZapper™ UZI the real ultimate zapper,
it has 6 different zappers built into one.

It includes the exact 90 percent duty cycle at 2020 Hz ( which is a lower frequency than even the ultimate zapper provides ), with an accuracy of 0.5 percent ( way more accurate than the ultimate zapper ), and top quality, high reliability construction. We do not offer the ultimate mode because it is any better, but only to give you a choice. As a mattrer of point, the "ultimate mode is the least preferred mode among the users who have told us which modes that they like. The ParaZapper UZI offers functionallity that exceeds any zapper in its price range, on the market.

David Etheredge has had extensive experience in product development since the 1970's.

For a list of his electronics design products, click here.
For a list of his electronics software and programming experience, click here.

All ParaZapper™ products are made with 100 percent ROHS compliant components and are free of lead and other hazardous materials. We have built to this standard for a long time, it is not new to us.

The competitor also offers a convient comparison chart where he only shows the 2 least expensive models that we offer and he only compares the characteristics that he claims are the best. Conveniently, he completely ignores our 3 best models that surpass his in practically every way. ParaZapper™ UZI offers several frequencies ( including several Rife Frequencies ) that are lower than the Ultimate Zapper's frequency, and that actually produces a genuine positive offset.

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